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A visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

03 Jun, 2023
A visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art

A New York City native, Kings Student Advisor Fatima recently took a group of students to see the famous paintings and exhibits displayed at the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Having had discussions in class about the history and development of fashion through the years, a couple of students expressed their interest in art as well as fashion. The new Karl Lagerfeld and Van Gogh exhibit opening at the Metropolitan Museum proved to be the best opportunity to explore both worlds!

The students enjoyed exploring the large museum, especially finding aesthetic spots and seeing the genius work of the beloved Karl Lagerfeld.

Student worker Kelly, who also accompanied students on the trip, commented:

"I have been to the MET many times in the past, but I always get surprised with new additions each time I come. Knowing that the MET hosts the famous MET Gala each year, it was a joy to see the pure shock and surprise each student had on their face when I told them that fact!”

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