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A visit from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland to Kings Oxford

26 Nov, 2018
A visit from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland to Kings Oxford

Kings Oxford was recently visited by Dr Kenny Winser from the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, who came to talk to A-level and Foundation Science students interested in studying medical programmes at university. Student Ama Gift Dozie reports on his presentation.

On 5th November 2018, Kings Oxford St Joseph's warmly welcomed a representative from the illustrious Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) who paid a visit to give an insight into what the Royal College is all about to aspiring medical practitioners.

Dr Kenny Winser is Academic Director of Admissions at RCSI, where he has held positions as Head of Medical Physics, in addition to teaching Medical and Physiotherapy students for a period of 24 years, and was the longest serving Vice Dean within the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. It is no wonder that he was able to promulgate a great deal of information about the college in just an hour and with a great deal of ease!

Dr Winser spoke with a lot of candour and seemed impervious to difficult questions. He spoke at length of the opportunities the college would offer the students of Kings. It was brought to the attention of those present at the talk that not only was the RCSI very accommodating to international students, they also offer a wide range of undergraduate courses as well as postgraduate training in a wide range of medical areas.

As a great school since 1784, the college also awards its own internationally recognised medical degrees, happens to be the only Irish school to specialise in certain areas of Health Sciences, and possesses the widest range of standard facilities. The school, in addition, has a faculty in the Middle East — Bahrain to be precise — which has been functioning since 2004, and one in Malaysia.

The doctor even went ahead to give some counsel to the students on how to get into the college with ease, stating that their biggest issue would be, and I quote, "Getting your admission strategy, as students, wrong".

Kings Oxford students gathered to listen to the talk.By the end of the talk, both the students as well as the teachers present, who interjected by asking intelligible questions on behalf of the students, were all very impressed with Dr Winser's talk.

Some students were still swayed and kept the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, with its good reputation, on their list of credible schools they wish to gain admission into in the near future.

Till then, it is going to be quite a journey for Kings Oxford and its students and the world is watching eagerly to see how this journey plays out.

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