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A typical day as a Compact Course student at Kings London

08 Jul, 2016
A typical day as a Compact Course student at Kings London

Panadda Imsiri from Thailand was the winner of the Inspire! Scholarship Award, offered in partnership with the British Council. Her prize was a two-week Compact Course at Kings London, and here she tells us about a typical day at the school.

My routine of being a Kings student is simple. The lesson starts at 9 o’clock but I usually get up at 7.30 A.M. If you are reading this and you are a girl, I have nothing to tell you but if you are a boy, do not be surprised! You should know that it takes a long time for woman to get ready! Actually, I have worked out that it is the best time for me because I will have enough time to have a shower, get dressed and do my make-up.

The morning at Kings

When I am ready, I just get out of the house and walk to school. Ten minutes later, I arrive at Kings, enter the class, wait for the ring, the teacher come in and so the class begins. Studying for an hour and a half, there is a 30 minutes break. This is the time when I have my breakfast. The reason that I do not have breakfast before the class starts is because I am not hungry at that time. I always go and grab some delicious cereal and yogurt from Tesco near the school. After the break, I am back at the lesson again for an hour and a half until 12.30 which means the morning lesson is finished.


Studying at Kings London, I have a variety of foods to choose from. I can have lunch at the Link which is a cafeteria of the school or walk for five minutes to the Beckenham High Street where there are many shops and restaurants. My friends and I always love to try new food at the High Street so we have been to a lot of restaurants there and the food are all very tasty. There are many types of food such as kebab, steak and noodle.

Afternoons - free time

The afternoon class starts at 1.30 P.M. However, my course, the Compact Course, does not have class in the afternoon. Therefore, when I finish having lunch, I have time to explore London till the evening! I always go shopping and visit some amazing tourist attractions in Central London, unless it is Tuesday or Thursday. It is very easy from Kings to Central London because there are about three train stations near Kings which goes straight to Central London in only just 20 minutes.

Afternoons - lectures

For Tuesday and Thursday, it is different. I do not go to Central London in the afternoon because there is a lecture class at 3.15 P.M. The lecture class is optional but I love it so I attend every class. It is a class that is taught by a wide range of teachers on a different topic in each class. The topic is mostly about grammar, history and culture. I have attended three lecture classes; the history of an alphabet, the phonemic chart and the mysterious of Titanic. They are all so much fun and beneficial. Attending a lecture is also a chance to get to know and meet new people who do not study in the same class as mine. If you are thinking about studying at Kings, do not forget to try the lecture class!


After being out all day and I am starting to get exhausted, it is time to go back. My hosts always prepare a big meal for dinner. We have a chat and a good time together till night time when everyone feel sleepy and go to bed.