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A trip to Burial Chambers Haunted House

18 Oct, 2023
A trip to Burial Chambers Haunted House

A Kings Wisconsin student reports back on a visit to Burial Chambers Haunted House in Wisconsin!

>October has been very fun for me. Every week there was an event sponsored by Kings so I’m constantly looking forwards to the weekends. One of my favorite activities so far thought was going to local 'scream park' Burial Chambers Haunted House. I went on two attractions, Adrenaline and Phobia.

Adrenaline is an indoors maze-like attraction where you’re going on a set path and actors are there to scare you, on almost every corner. One of the freakiest areas in there is a place where you have to squeeze through a hallway that feels like it’s enveloping you! I really did not enjoy that feeling.

The “Phobia” attraction was amazing, in my opinion. The premise is that you’re walking through a forest, and since me and my friends were the last in the group and fairly disconnected, it felt like the scares were much more personal as the actors could play with us much longer since they didn’t have to prepare for the next people in line! They would often follow us and it’d freak us out because they wouldn’t leave us. Imagine getting followed by a guy holding a chainsaw and constantly asking for your toes!

Overall though it was a very fun experience! I would definitely go back next year.

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