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A spooktacular visit to a Halloween theme park

01 Nov, 2021
A spooktacular visit to a Halloween theme park

Enrichment and Communications Coordinator at Kings Brighton Kitt Thompson reports back on a Halloween to remember at 'Shocktober' Fest...

Due to Covid-related limitations, holding the annual Halloween party was always going to be difficult this year, so when tickets for a renowned open-air Halloween themed event at nearby Tulleys Farm became available, we jumped at the chance. The irony of zombies, ghosts and a hill billy with a chainsaw saving the day!

There was an air of suspense the week of this excursion, particularly due to the “Horror Mazes”! We started wondering if we definitely wanted to do this...

Upon arriving at our destination near Crawley (a town close to Brighton), the fear jumped to a higher level when we realised this farm was in the middle of nowhere. It was very hidden from the city lights, making the countryside very dark and the woodland very creepy.

As we approached the actual farm the light became apparent, and we were met with giant statues of Wiccan designs advising us to turn back and maybe we should have!

With our entrance we were given access to 10 different horror mazes, but the farm was much more than this, with various rides, music bands, live actors, and giant purpose built structures. The budget was very high and it truly felt like you were stepping into another world — perhaps Halloween Land in The Nightmare Before Christmas...

The first horror maze we went on was called 'Twisted Clowns' and you can probably guess what the theme to that was right? It was like entering a neon-lighted circus with carnival music playing and it wasn’t too long until the so-called twisted clowns appeared. Many twisted clowns in fact all doing their best to freak you out by jumping out of hidden rooms, hiding in mirrors, and the like. In the end you have no choice but to run. This being our first maze we realised we are in for a long night!

Other highlights included a haunted hay-bale tractor ride, a creepy cottage and 15-minute discussion with another student about whether something was a statue or an actor (I promise it moved...).

A personal highlight to everyone was when a hillbilly with a chainsaw chased me and scared me so much I ended up running and accidentally joining another group of farm-goers.

Halloween party or no party we had a Halloween that we will remember forever and I would highly recommend this event to anyone studying or visiting Brighton during the Halloween season.