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A sought after place to study Mining Engineering at the University of Exeter

16 Mar, 2016
A sought after place to study Mining Engineering at the University of Exeter

Filomena Jose from Angola studied the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth before winning a place to study Mining Engineering at the University of Exeter. We met up with her at the beautiful Penryn campus in Cornwall to find out about university life so far,

How did you choose the Foundation at Kings?
I won a scholarship and my sponsors, who had good references from Kings, chose the course at Kings Bournemouth.

Have you always known you wanted to go into mining engineering?
Yes, I wanted to be an engineer. There are only a couple of universities in the UK that do mining engineering – it was a challenge to get in!

That’s quite a lot of pressure! Did you do a lot of work on your application?
Oh yeah, definitely. I had a lot of help from Elaine and my CSS teacher helped me with the personal statement and application.

I used to wake up every day and wonder if I’d make it – if I’d get in to this university.

What modules did you do as part of the Foundation?
I did Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Data and CSS. I really enjoyed Maths and CSS – I learnt so much in Maths and here, it has helped me so much.

CSS has been so helpful – when I came to the UK I didn’t know any English, I started from scratch. I spent a year in Exeter and then came to Kings to do the Foundation.

So you’ve achieved a lot in 2 years!
Yes! I’m very proud of myself.

How did you find the Foundation?
It was very intensive – it was one of the hardest and the best parts of my stay in the UK. You just want to do well and to get what you’re aiming for, and when you get it, it’s great feeling.

Are you still in touch with people from Kings?
Yes, we message on Facebook etc.

Are you enjoying university life so far?
Yes, I felt a bit lonely at the start as there were about 20 of us in Bournemouth and now I’m here on my own…we are only 2 girls on my course, but that’s ok, I’m getting used to it!

It’s a nice campus, I like it and Exeter is a really good university – it’s one of the best I think.

Are there many other international students on your course/ in your accommodation?
There are four of us on my course, all from different countries in Africa, and in my accommodation there are people from different countries in Europe and Asia.

What are you enjoying most about your degree course, and what modules are you taking?
What I enjoy the most about my course is the fact that we are really preparing for our future careers, we get to visit different places and get the opportunity to see the course not only in theory, in lectures, but in the practical side as well. I have already done Mining and Minerals Engineering, Surveying and AutoCAD, Maths and Geology. I am currently doing Maths, Electrical and Electronic Principles, Thermodynamic and Fluid Mechanics and Engineering Mechanics.

What advice would you give to other Kings students considering this type of degree course?
I would advise others students to go ahead if they consider doing it, because it is a great course and there is great opportunity in the job market once you have graduated - remembering the saying: If it cannot be grown then it has to be mined (By unknown).