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A Saturday stroll in Wisconsin

16 May, 2023
A Saturday stroll in Wisconsin

Kings Wisconsin student Michael reports back on a weekend visit to the farmers' market in downtown Appleton.

Last Saturday, me (Michael) and the boys (Benson and Kharis) biked from our apartment at Fox Village all the way to downtown Appleton to go see the weekly farmers' market. As we approached the event area, an unfamiliar yet alluring melody greeted our arrival. We weren’t actually aware that there was an event going on, so it was quite the pleasant surprise when we saw a performer dancing to a foreign tune! Now as interesting as that tangent was, our mission was the farmers' market. We had to get it done because we heard that it would end at noon.

We strolled around, looking at all the fresh produce and such, and we would occasionally stop to look at some products more closely. I had an agenda in mind. Being the cheese capital that Wisconsin is, I wanted to look for locally made cheese. The first cheese shop that caught my eye was a goat cheese stand. I tried out their free sample, and soon enough I was $5 poorer than when I arrived!

Our next stop was at a food truck. We noticed that they had “exotic” meats such as elk and bison for their burger patties and we were eager to try them out. At $8 a burger, we were hesitant but decided to try it anyways. We took the first bite, and was left with a feeling of dread. It was dry, and it didn’t even taste like it was properly seasoned. Who knows, maybe it could be from our unrefined palate. We passed by more cheese shops, and I was really interested in buying some. But there was such a line that I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to talk with the vendor and ask him about the cheese. Our last purchase was a 32oz maple syrup bottle (keep that one in mind for later).

We felt that we were satisfied and headed back towards the stage. It was an Indian dance performance and although we were initially invested, we felt like we didn’t understand enough to truly appreciate it. On our way back, we just spontaneously went into a children’s museum. We were immediately greeted by a passionate clerk who asked if we were going in for a show. Long story short we went in. It turns out that the show was a similar Indian performance but catered and performed for children.

As we were getting ready to head home on our bikes, tragedy struck! My bottle of maple syrup fell off my bag and spilt its sweet nectar all over the streets! As lawful citizens we cleaned up the glass shards before we continued with our journey home. But hey, I still got goat's cheese.

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