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A positive experience improving my English and exploring London

15 Nov, 2019
A positive experience improving my English and exploring London

Pei Wei Ko is a designer and blogger from Taiwan. who recently spent a week at Kings London improving her English, experiencing British home life, and exploring the UK capital in her free time. She spoke to English teacher, Liz, about her experience.

Hello, please introduce yourself?

My name is Ko Pei Wei and I come from Taiwan, and my age is 32.

What course are you taking? What are your lessons like?

I’m taking the Compact Course, which is morning only lessons. I had 3 days with Max [English teacher] and 1 day with Liz. On the first day, the teacher tried to let us write something and make words and sentences more memorable. We can figure out what we know or what we don’t know, and I think that helped a lot. Also with the grammar, he helped us with how to use grammar and where to use it.

Great, Max is a very good teacher. That sounds like you’ve had a good experience there. And why did you decide to take this course? Do you have future plans that require English skills, such as for your job?

Yes, I think that in my future I will have to write a lot of letters and have conversations with foreign people who all use English.

What made you choose Kings London?

I think Kings London has good education and teachers, and also I like the location, because it’s not too central so you can concentrate much more on your language learning. But still, we’re just 20 minutes from central London so it’s not too far.

Where have you been staying?

In a host family. I think she is very kind and very generous. She talks to us and we can have more practise with the language. I think that helps a lot.

What do you think about the school buildings and facilities?

I love the building style, because it’s like Victorian and it looks very fantastic. Inside the facilities are new, and it has a cafeteria and the link space where you can take a break. It’s very convenient.

Did you do any activities or excursions?

I did the Beckenham walk. It was very useful because it let me know where the local information such as how to use the tube and train, and how to find the local restaurants and supermarkets.

Did you discover any good places to shop, eat or explore?

Oh yes! I explored a lot! I went to Brick Lane and Notting Hill and I had wonderful bagels last night. I also had afternoon tea.

Is this your first time visiting the UK?

Actually no, it’s the second time. The first time was around 7 years ago, so quite a long time. Everything has changed, especially that we can use credit card for everything!

Would you recommend London as a destination for other students?

Yes, because I think in London there are many types of cultures, and you can see something new and something old. There is lots of art, architecture, and paintings.

And what about Kings? Would you recommend Kings for other students?

I think Kings is much more faster than other language schools to solve problems and to help students. In the class, the teachers and wonderful and always ask “do you have any questions” and they teach us memorable skills.

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