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A-levels in preparation for an Applied Chemistry degree

30 Apr, 2021
A-levels in preparation for an Applied Chemistry degree

Runyu (Rain) from China is completing A-levels at Kings London, with the aim of studying an Applied Chemistry degree in the UK.

We recently asked him some questions about his time studying with us both online and in person.

Hi Runyu, Which course are you studying at Kings? What is your favourite subject and why do you like it?

I'm studying A-levels now, and am doing Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.

I love all of them. All three subjects have strong logic, which is fascinating and attractive for me.

How would you describe the community at Kings London?

Teachers and staff are friendly and willing to help students.

What is the teaching like at Kings London?

Efficient and friendly. Teachers like to encourage and help students.

Teachers are able to answer almost all questions, but they will not leave much homework. So it is important to be independent and strict with myself. Thanks to my teachers, they helped me a lot.

What are the main differences between the education style in the UK and in your home country?

The pressure is not that horrible, it is possible for lots of students to get good grades if you work hard enough.

In my home country, because of the college entrance examination system, senior high school students usually are under a lot of pressure. I cannot say this is a bad system because it is reasonable for the situation of a large population base. In UK, there are enough education resources, if you are excellent enough, you can reach your goals, like university.

Have you started your university applications yet? Which universities are you applying to?

Yes I have.

"I have chosen to study Applied Chemistry, I have received four offers, which are from the University of Leeds, Loughborough University, University of Manchester, and the University of Bristol."

For Loughborough University, I actually applied for Materials science and Engineering.

How has your experience of studying online throughout the pandemic been?

Not bad. The timetable was arranged well, and Microsoft Teams was a quite good platform for us to have for online lessons. Teachers were also doing a good job teaching online.

Have you taken part in many social activities or clubs during your time at Kings?

I have taken part in some of them before. I travelled to the Isle of Wight in my first year with my classmates which was organised by Kings, I made friends there, and it was a fun trip.

"I also joined the Science Club in my second year, we did many fun experiments, attended a lecture and even did an experiment at UCL."

How would you describe Kings London to a friend who was thinking about studying here?

You will have enough time to improve your English, teachers will be patient with you and provide enough help, though you still need to work hard!

"Facilities are excellent and staff are friendly to students. Here there is all kinds of equipment and chemicals in the lab. Kings is a good place to study and reach your goals."

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