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A great opportunity to learn English for my work as a lawyer for the Red Cross

13 Jul, 2018
A great opportunity to learn English for my work as a lawyer for the Red Cross

Diana Garcia Trejos, from Colombia, works as a lawyer for the Red Cross. She recently came to Kings Bournemouth to study English, and was named student of the month! She tells us about having the opportunity to learn abroad, and what she thought of her classes and time in Bournemouth.

What are you studying at Kings?
I am studying on a 12-week Intensive Course at the pre-intermediate level.

Why are you improving your English?
I work as a lawyer for the Red Cross in Colombia, helping victims of war gain access to income support. I help people from war torn countries like Syria and Libya. I want to learn English to help me communicate at work, especially because I work with a lot with Geneva who mainly communicate in English.

What made you decide to come to Kings and choose the course you are doing?
I decided to choose the UK over America and Canada because I love the history of the country. England has so many more historical and cultural artefacts. My friends have told me that British people are much friendlier and welcoming. I do sometimes struggle with the accents because I am so used to American English.

I chose Kings Bournemouth because it was better value for money compared to the cities while still having a lot of cultural activities.

How is the course going?

"I have loved my time at Kings. The school has some amazing teachers who have really made the course for me."

They bring the right level of discipline to the class and try to get the best out of every student. The teachers are very skilled at explaining grammar and vocabulary to students.

Where are you staying?
I am staying with a lovely host family, a mother and daughter who have been so friendly to me. The daughter is six years old and, because I miss my own children, I like to read to her and spend time playing games with her. Kings did a great job placing me in a family that really suited my character. I speak a lot to my host mother, she is very supportive, and she has commented on how much my speaking has improved since studying at Kings.

The one issue is the house is a little too far away for me because I prefer walking over taking the bus. It is a lovely home with lovely, honest people.

Have you taken part in any of the extracurricular activities?
Yes, I try and do as many daytime activities as I can. I do not attend some of the night-time ones because I prefer to spend my evenings at home talking to my children, reading and watching TV. I've done lots of things including making sushi, baking cupcakes and painting at the school.

My favourite activities are the weekend excursions; they are such a good price for what you get. I really liked the trip to Oxford and Stonehenge. My favourite has probably been the trip to Edinburgh, Scotland.

Have you made any friends?
I have made a lot of friends here. I enjoy making friends with people from other countries as well as fellow Spanish speakers. I have not felt like my age has been an issue and everyone is very accepting.

What do you think of the school's location in Bournemouth?
I do like Bournemouth. I think it's a shame that there aren't more cultural things to do, like societies and clubs outside of school. There should be more things to do that aren't clubbing or drinking. Before I arrived I hoped there would be more things to do in places like the library.

I don't go out to a lot to non-school activities as I would rather stay at home at watch TV or read a book in the evenings.

Have you experienced other English language schools?
No, this is my first one. In Colombia I used to attend a two-hour English language class before work. I prefer studying at Kings because there is more structure and discipline. Because I haven't studied continuously, my English isn't as good as I would like.

What would you say to anyone considering coming to Kings to study?
Do it! I would recommend it for sure! I have already recommended it to two of my friends back in Colombia.

I wish the people who attended the school, especially the younger ones, realised how great of an opportunity this is and how much they could be learning from the fantastic teachers. They should be taking advantage of every moment in the school, sadly they waste too much time on phones and tablets instead of paying attention to the lesson and doing their homework. I fear they will regret this when they are older and need English for their jobs but they are young and they want to have fun.