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A degree in Economics at the University of Warwick

10 Nov, 2020
A degree in Economics at the University of Warwick

Ernis Morina, from Albania, studied the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Bournemouth before progressing to the University of Warwick to study Economics. Here, he answers a few questions about his time at Kings, and how it helped him get to his chosen university.

Hi Ernis. How is the semester going so far? Are you happy with your choice?

I am very happy with my choice and my semester is going well although online classes might be a little different to what i was used to.

Are your classes face-to-face, or online?

Most of my classes are online, with one class face-to-face per week.

How have you found the transition from Kings to Warwick?

I feel that my transition from Kings to Warwick was smooth as I had a solid base going into the year.

How did you decide which university to apply to? What was the process?

"I decided to apply to Warwick mostly because of the ranking and the prestige it has. I had to apply through UCAS and then achieve my academic and language requirements to get in."

Did your time at Kings Bournemouth help you to prepare for university?

My time at Kings did certainly help me prepare for university.

Did you feel supported by the teachers and other staff at Kings Bournemouth?

In terms of my application I well supported by my Course Director and UCAS Counsellor.

Overall, how was your experience at Kings Bournemouth?

My experience at Bournemouth was pretty special as I was living in a beautiful city and was surrounded by visionary people.

What advice would you give to someone considering the Kings Advanced Level Foundation, and going to University of Warwick?

"My advice would be that you need to work hard, understand key concepts and not stress over your application as everything works out in the end!"