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A degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol

10 Dec, 2020
A degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol

Jiding Xu, from China, took the Advanced Level Foundation before winning a place to study Aerospace Engineering at the University of Bristol. Here, he shares his experience of studying at Kings, and of learning remotely as a university student so far.

Hi Jiding. How is the semester going so far? Are you happy with your choice of university?

I can't say much about the school itself, since I have been taught remotely from the start. But it is still good for the college experience; students can have a full learning experience. The school can support students' daily life in various ways, and provide various ways to give feedback. The university also provides tutoring courses to help students better understand the course content.

How has your experience been so far of studying online?

The network course system is not perfect, it felt very inconvenient to use at the beginning, and there were always technical problems. But now as time goes on, I'm getting used to it. As for the course itself, different teachers have different teaching methods and course arrangements, but there is a good atmosphere in general. There are lots of discussions and exchanges between students and between teachers and students.

Are you planning to travel to the UK in 2021 to continue with your studies in person?

Yes, I will continue my study in the UK in 2021. But I'm not sure when that will be. It depends on the situation and international policy. A lot of things are uncertain these days.

How did you choose which university to apply to? What was the process?

I chose the university according to the major I was interested in. At the very beginning, I had never even heard of the University of Bristol. It was only through the recommendation of teachers and classmates that I learned about this university. At the beginning, I only thought about the major I was interested in. Under the guidance of the teacher, I learned a lot of relevant information through the website and consultation, so as to get a general direction. When there were three or four choices left, I also took into account the specialty areas of the university and the opinions of people around me. The University of Bristol was chosen as my firm choice.

Did your time at Kings help you to prepare for university?


"I gained a lot of useful knowledge and skills during my study there. The school staff and teachers also helped me a lot. In addition, I could experience the British way of life there and lay a foundation for my future studies."

At the same time, due to living on my own, I gradually adapted to independent life and mastered many life skills, such as sewing and cooking, which will also be of great help to my future life. I really gained a lot from the learning experience here.

Did you feel supported by the teachers and other staff at Kings Oxford?

I think they are very supportive of students. They are very patient and assign tasks properly. The staff provided help and guidance in various aspects, including experiments. At the same time, they also maintained a very friendly attitude and there was a good atmosphere between teachers and students.

Overall, how was your experience at Kings Oxford?

"All in all, I had a very meaningful and unforgettable experience at Kings Oxford. Not only did I learn all kinds of academic knowledge there, but more importantly, I gained the understanding and feeling of different cultures."

And I managed to organise my own life successfully; there were many things I experienced there for the first time, which made me have more memories of the place. Kings Oxford has really given me a lot.

Do you have any idea yet of what you’d like to do after you graduate from university? What are your plans for the future?

To be honest, I don't have a clear direction or idea for my future after graduation. At present, I just hope to focus on the academic programme itself. But college also provides a lot of guidance and opportunities about employment. Maybe I will choose a career like engineering eventually, but I still need to accumulate work experience before that.