A day with Kings in Vietnam

What defines us as Kings? As Kings' Global Development Director, Michael Parris, says, Kings not only provides excellent teaching and well-recognized diplomas, but also high quality welfare support, caring for each individual student from their first days overseas.

We believe that transferable skills are necessary for students, not only during university but also at later stages of life. Therefore we strive to prepare our students as well as possible, so they will not only adapt well to local living but also be able to determine and explore their potential.

The idea of living skills inspired us in preparing our Parent and Student Showcase this year in Vietnam. 'A day with Kings' was the topic of the events held on 29 and 30 June in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city respectively.

In Hanoi, 35 participants including parents, students, Kings alumni and agents attended the six-hour event.

Group presentation at the event in Hanoi.

Besides the opportunity to network and learn about Kings at the event, participants also got the chance to learn some essential skills in workshops — safety and first aid, sex education, basic cookery skills and career guidance were the main topics. Participants not only learnt the theory but were also engaged in workshop activities to better understand and remember.

In Ho Chi Minh city, a cosy tea session was organised for parents and students to talk to Michael Parris. In depth conversation allowed them to learn effectively about Kings life, subjects and university choices, and our quality accommodation. They also shared the importance of transferable skills to their studying and living.

Kings student interview; Afternoon tea party; student cookery workshop.

The success of these events was proven by all attendees staying until the very end, and parents attending the event expressed their happiness in choosing Kings, looking forward to the time their children will study and live with Kings in the UK.

We would like to show our gratitude to all the parents and students who have chosen Kings, and to those who will choose us. We will keep striving to not only provide quality teaching, but also to be a family to nurture our students on their way to being Global Citizens.