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A day of healthy living for Kings partners in Vietnam

08 Oct, 2019
A day of healthy living for Kings partners in Vietnam

Kings has recently 'turned over a new leaf', updating our branding and website, but we don't want the changes to stop there. Another aim is to move towards a healthier and more environmentally-friendly life.

With this in mind, on 28th September Kings in Vietnam organised an 'Eat Clean and Live Green' workshop, a day of healthy and green activities for Kings partners and staff.

The event began early on the Saturday morning. The group of around 25 people gathered in Hanoi's Old Quarter for a run, completing 2 – 3 laps around Hoan Kiem Lake. Waking up before 6:00am at the weekend is not an easy task for most people, but everyone looked very energised after their run!

The group smiling after their run.

To keep up the runners' exhilaration, they were next treated to a healthy, nutritious all-vegan breakfast prepared by Ms. Vi Pham, a life coach, yoga instructor and owner of V’s Home vegetarian restaurant.

Preparing and sampling the food.

The workshop then continued with a game of introducing yourself by body language. Ms. Vi Pham also shared some explicit insights about healthy, balanced eating and choosing the most relevant food for the family.

The group learned about the definitions and beneficial effects of using seasonal traditional ingredients, and a variety of delicious green and whole foods.

One workshop couldn’t possibly cover the whole topic, but everyone left with a better understanding of why and how to move towards a greener, more balanced diet.

The workshop talk in progress.