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A caring environment to prepare for my Foundation and university studies

11 Jan, 2022
A caring environment to prepare for my Foundation and university studies

We recently spoke to Idalia Rosario Da Conceicao from Angola. She is on the Intensive English programme at Kings Oxford and is planning on starting a Foundation course with us in the new year.

Hi Idalia. how are you enjoying your course at Kings?

I’m enjoying spending time with the students, and activity leaders, and the staff.

"I am really enjoying the course; when I came here I didn’t know how to speak any English; I started at level 2 and now I’m at level 5. So, you can see my improvement."

What is your favourite part of the course?

My favourite part of the course is probably how it compares to other schools. The difference between another school for example, the materials, the books they are so different. The teachers, they have good methods of teaching, so its so good.

Are you enjoying your time in Oxford?

Yes, although it’s a bit expensive as a city. So when choosing a university I think I’ll probably look somewhere else. Oxford for my English however, is really good, because here its near London, and it’s good for my English pronunciation; in some areas certain words are said differently so Oxford is really good for that.

Are you taking part in the activities we organise for the students?

Of course, I’m the same as I was before I came here — really active always. But now because of how busy I am with school I’m focusing on my work more and so sometimes I have to say no.

Are you staying with a family or at Wavy Gate Residence?

I’m staying with a host family.

How are you finding that?

Yes, really good, there are just two of us at home.

"My house mum, she’s in her 60’s and we really respect each other, and each other's space, which is really important to me."

I wouldn’t want to change where I stay, I want to stay there.

What made you choose to study in the UK / in Oxford / at Kings Oxford?

Before I came here I didn’t know much about the UK, I knew about Oxford and London but decided that London was just too busy, My agent suggested Kings Oxford, which was a really good choice.

Why are you learning English?

Because I’m going to study at university here in the UK and so I have to learn the language in order to do this.

What are you planning to do after this course?

After the course here, I’m going to do a Foundation course. I’m not sure yet if I want to do a Foundation in engineering or business management. They’re the two courses I have in mind at the moment.

What is the best English word/expression you've learnt since arriving in Oxford?

One of my favourite words; one that I find really funny is ‘disappointing’. It’s the way that Chris our teacher says it! I always find it funny.

Would you recommend Kings Oxford to future students?

Of course, absolutely, the staff here, you guys care about all the students, and it’s the main point of my studies here, to have someone that cares about us.

"You guys know our personalities, you know when we are sad or when we are happy — you just know. So it’s really important knowing someone cares about you in your school."

Also this mix of culture and countries is really good.