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A busy schedule for Kings New York students this April

17 Apr, 2024
A busy schedule for Kings New York students this April

This April, students at Kings New York had a busy schedule of events that included celebrating Founders Day at the University of Mount Saint Vincent, and visiting the Federal Reserve.

Founders Day
Every year on April 17th, the University of Mount Saint Vincent celebrates the day it was founded on. This year, one of our wonderful student workers, Johanna, took the students to the festivities on campus. They got a chance to eat free yummy food, play games, take pictures and make memories. This event created a stronger bond in our community and it was great to see.

Trip to the Federal Reserve
Alron, one of our teachers here at Kings New York, had the wonderful idea of giving the students an opportunity to visit the Federal Reserve. He commented that “visiting the reserve gave our students insight about how the central banking system works in the United States. Many of them were surprised and seemed to have a good time.”

They were fascinated and gained so much knowledge by the end of the trip. After the visit, the students got a chance to explore other places in the city.

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