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5 great places near Brighton that are 'off the beaten track'

16 May, 2022
5 great places near Brighton that are 'off the beaten track'

Kings Brighton’s Enrichment Manager, Kitt Thompson, shares some ideas for walks that take you ‘off the beaten track’ in and around Brighton.

1.The Long Man Of Wilmington

Whether it’s 200 years old or 3000 years old, the Long Man is my favourite place to walk.

The iconic yet overlooked Giant Chalk Man towers over the South Downs green landscape. Its exact purpose no one knows — which adds to the mystery of a wonderful nature walk.

2. Tide Mills

A lovely beach walk at Tide Mills will bring you to the remains of a 17th century village abandoned in 1939. There are remains of a mill, a hospital and various houses . You can play a great mystery game of what used to be what. Also keep an eye out for the creepy abandoned pond…

3. Whitehawk Neolithic Camp

This is perhaps the most unassuming neolithic site of all time. Don’t be put off by the race course and the giant radio tower as there is a lovely hillside walk where you can walk above our ancestors from 3700BC. It’s a common area for finding prehistoric flint tools and other treasures such as an engraved tablet.

4. Beachy Head Lighthouse

Only reachable during low tide, Beachy Head Lighthouse is a classic lighthouse that you can see up close, and which has an amazing walk underneath. It’s pretty isolated, so you can usually have the whole experience to yourself! Why not visit the iconic Seven Sisters after as well?

5.Devil's Dyke

Local folklore says that the land here was dug by the devil himself before being frightened off by the trickery of a priest. Combined with an amazing view of the South Downs, an area of woods that could be inhabited by a witch, and even somewhere to stop off at the end for a Sunday roast, a walk here is a great way to spend a morning. On a nice day you can even watch a bit of hang gliding.