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Fun on the water with a boat party in Boston Harbor

2 June, 2017

Sofia Garzon, Kings Boston student and Social Media Ambassador, reports back on their recent exciting boat party!

The boat party was an event that was organized by ISX World where we can saw Boston’s skyline as the sun set on the harbor. We enjoyed the evening with our friends and we could meet other international people, and also we had a party with different kinds of music played by a live DJ.  

It was a different experience for many people. For example, to me it was my first party in a boat and was really good! I can meet different persons and I can improve my English and speak English in this event; also this day the weather was favorable because it was a little bit more hot than usual and we can enjoy more the party on the roof of the boat.

We could feel different cultures because the DJ played Arabic music, Spanish music and also American music so we can enjoy and listen to different kinds of music.