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Sampling sugary delights at the World Sweets Party

7 April, 2017

Kings Boston student Yann Oriol reports back on a new type of cross-cultural celebration!

Kings Boston typically hosts a monthly 'Country Party' which allows students the opportunity to share food, drink, and culture from their native country. During the month of March, Kings Boston tried something new and wanted to host a party that included all countries; thus 'World Sweets Party' was established.

Each student who participated in World Sweets Party brought sweets from his or her own country. Many students, from all over the world, participated in this activity. Students were able to taste sweets from Korea, Japan, France, Colombia and Brazil. Laura, a Brazilian student, even prepared the sweet that she brought. She made pudim. Pudim is like a 'pudding' mix of regular milk, condensed milk, and eggs. Laura told us that the preparation is easy but a long process; it takes approximately six hours from start to finish.

Many students were enthralled with this activity, and lots of them stopped by to try most of the sweets. Manuel, a student from Colombia, taste tested every sweet and shared his feelings about them:

"I never tried any sweets from Asia before and, I have to admit, some tasted weird. Asian sweets are very different from the sweets in my country. Also, the French candy, Carambar, was really strange. It was so hard to eat it but it was good. Although I tried many sweets that we don't have in Colombia, some gummies had the same shape and almost the same taste from those in Colombia. The typical candy of my country is Coffee Delight because coffee is very popular. From all of the sweets I tried, I would say that my favorite was the pudim from Brazil."