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Student spotlight: Muhammad Muazu

11 August, 2015

Muhammed Muaza from Nigeria has been studying on the Advanced Level Foundation course at Kings London. We met up with him to find out about his time with us at Kings, and his plans for the coming years.

Hi Muhammad. Have you already got your plans in place for university?

Yes, I’ve applied to five universities and received four offers – from Southampton, Loughborough, Swansea and Brighton. I’d like to study aeronautical engineering. Now it’s up to me to work hard and achieve those grades!

What subjects have you taken here?

Maths, Physics, Geography, Data and CSS.

How have you found the CSS module?

It’s been helpful because it teaches you how to communicate and the assignments help you know how to do essays at university, also to do presentations in PowerPoint – this will also help in the future.

What’s your experience of doing the foundation at Kings been like so far?

It’s been quite stressful as it’s quite an intense course, but it’s fine. I like the style that Kings teach and run the course.

The teachers are open to questions, so I’m happy with that.

Are the class sizes much smaller here?

Yes, much – it allows much more interaction between students and teachers.

Are you staying with a host family?

Yes, I enjoy it – I really like them. It’s only 12 minutes’ walk from here, not far!

Why did you decide to come and do the Foundation?

Because I applied to a university and they said I couldn’t start – I needed to do foundation, and they recommended Kings.

Had you been to London before?

Yes, I came here 5 years ago. It’s a bit expensive here but it’s nice!

What kind of activities have you been involved with outside of lessons?

I’ve done some sports – I play football once a week here, although I play more frequently in Nigeria. There are lots of clubs and societies you can join here.

What advice would you give to people in Nigeria considering this course?

Study hard, and don’t let distractions influence you! Keep focussed and work hard.

When you start at university, what way do you think the foundation will most benefit you?

I think because I’ve already experienced a really intense course here at Kings I won’t be overwhelmed by anything I come across at university.