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Student spotlight: Ayrton Luiz da Costa

13 May, 2015

Ayrton Luiz da Costa from Brazil studied the English Plus Business and Finance programme at Kings London. We met up with him to find out about his experience with us. 

Hi Ayrton. What do you do back in Brazil?
I’m in the last semester of studying Accountancy at the National University in Rio.

So did you decide to do this course specifically because of the Business and Finance component?
Yes, I went to my agency and was looking for a course of business. They told me about Kings and I looked at the brochure – I really liked it and wanted to come to London because I think it’s a beautiful place. I had the option of London and the US, but the US is close to Brazil and I wanted a new experience.

From my searches, I think that Kings is the best place in London to learn English. I’m very happy here – I’m sad because I’ll go back to Brazil in 2 weeks!

Was this your first time in the UK?
Yes. It’s very organised here and the people are very friendly. When you see in the news about London, you always see about economics things, I didn’t know much about the people. Now I know about the characteristics of the people here and I like them so much.

What’s been the most useful thing about your course?
I think the teacher. Mick is a very good teacher, the classes are very dynamic and he’s helped me to develop my speaking skills. For example now I can stand up in the class and debate with them. Mick’s teaching methods have helped me a lot. He’s really funny and the classes are very dynamic, we don’t stop for a second – lots and lots of speaking. I love the teacher, I love the class.

Was speaking the skill you most wanted to develop?
Yes, when I arrived here couldn’t speak with another person, I was very shy and I made a lot of mistakes. I still make mistakes but my confidence has really grown, and other people understand me when I speak now. I have developed a lot.

Have you visited financial institutions as part of your course?
Yes, we have. The bank museum especially was really good because I work in Finance. There, I learnt a lot about inflation, the national condition of the UK, the economic points of the UK. The pound is the more strong currency in the world and it was good for me to understand why. I learnt a lot.

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