Graduate programs 2023-24

All prices in US$.

University of Wisconsin Stout Southern Oregon University (Oregon) Fisher College Boston
GO: Program fees
In person Online1
Graduate Program (excluding MBA)2 24,000
MBA2 27,003 33,810 31,395
Accommodation (Full course duration)3
Student residence, double room, full-board 9,608
Student residence, single suite 13,860
Half-board Meal plan (10 meals) 4,380
Miscellaneous fees
International Program fee 4,350 7,750 3,500 2,500
Comprehensive fee 1,400 1,300
Refundable housing deposit
Health insurance5
Kings Pre-sessional Program Prices
Graduate Preparation Program 7,260 7,260 7,260
Airport Transfer (one way) 170 (Medford) 190 (Logan)
Student insurance (per week)5 60 60
Application fee 195 195 195
Official Evaluation of Transcripts Service
6-day turn-around
325 325 325 325
Official Evaluation of Transcripts Service
2-day turn-around
325 455 455 455
International Student Support fee (per term)6 750 750
Non-refundable GO: Program deposit Please check with Kings Admissions. Deductible from first year tuition.
Courier fee 125 125
Accommodation Prices per week3
Residence Single suite
Optional Meal Plan, 10 meals per week
Twin, half-board7 Fisher HI: 705
Fisher College Residence: 605
Twin, self-catering 480 Fisher HI: 545
Fisher College Residence: 445


  1. The online MBA course at Fisher College can only be offered to students abroad (not in the US), and offers a substantial cost saving for the same high quality teaching and outcomes.
  2. Additional fees may be charged, such as lab or materials fees, associated with the actual courses registered.
  3. No accommodation is offered on-site at Fisher for online students, as they must be situated abroad in order to study these courses.
  4. Room type depending on availability. Meal plan based on a Declining Balance plan equivalent to approximately 10 meals per week
  5. Insurance is mandatory
  6. Applies to pre-sessional programs only
  7. Includes breakfast and lunch, 10 meals per week.

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