Kings statements on Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Important information for US-bound students Quarantine guide for Kings Los Angeles

Important information for UK-bound students

2 September 2021

UK Vaccine Roll-out

As of 2nd September, nearly 80% of the population over 16 years old (c. 43 million) is fully vaccinated.

UK legal restrictions lifted

The UK’s vaccine success has meant that from 19 July all legal restrictions have been lifted. This means that all shops, restaurants, cafes, cinemas, theme parks, tourist attractions, galleries, museums, gyms and swimming pools are now open.

The Government still recommends caution and details ways of how to exercise this in its Step 4.

Updated UK Travel Policies

The UK Government continues to proceed with caution with international travel to safeguard the fantastic success in reducing the impact of the virus.

Also from 17 May, the UK Government has introduced a new traffic light system of countries – Green, Amber and Red. Each country’s status will depend on Covid-19 conditions and vaccination rates in that country. There are clear Government policies for pre- and post-arrival requirements.

  • Green list: visitors are welcome without needing to self-isolate (negative test required)
  • Amber list: Visitors are welcome but must self-isolate for 10 days (5 days with Test and Release), unless fully vaccinated under an approved vaccination programme.
  • Red list: Entry permitted only with Student Visa or Child Student Visa. Under 18s can quarantine in Kings accommodation, over 18s must quarantine in Government approved hotels. (Costs apply in both cases).

These categories will be reviewed and updated every three weeks, with the expectation that more and more countries will be added to the Green List as global vaccine rates catch up with the UK.

Full details are available on the Government website here.

Quarantining in the UK

We would like to make the quarantine process as easy and comfortable for our students. Here are three guides, for each type of accommodation the student chooses:

As a provider of educational programmes to people from all over the world we want our global community to know that we are standing with you all in these challenging times. We continue to respond to the global outbreak of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in a clear, practical and decisive manner.

Our overriding objective is to fulfil the duty of care we have towards our students, our colleagues, our host families, our university partners and other members of our communities. We will continue to take all steps possible to ensure they are healthy, informed and supported.

We have developed a comprehensive set of policies and procedures to manage the situation as it develops. These include practical risk assessments, regular monitoring as well as the implementation of effective hygiene awareness and practice throughout our schools and colleges.

We also developed comprehensive plans to support our students remotely. To enable courses to continue as planned, we moved to our remote teaching and learning plan, called Classmate Plus. Assignments, homework and managed self-study continue as normal.

Meanwhile, we ensure that all students are fully supported remotely and make sure that we stay in touch with them throughout temporary closure periods as required by the UK and US Governments.

Official UK Government updates are published daily and can be viewed here.

US Government updates are published here.

The latest World Health Organization advice is published here

We will continue to monitor the on-going situation very carefully and will maintain the flexibility to adapt policy immediately as Government or WHO advice changes.

We hope this provides the reassurance that no matter what the circumstances, we will do everything we possibly can to maintain the Kings experience for our students.

The Kings Directors

COVID-19 Kings Deferral and cancellation policies​

Provision for online learning

Our student support does not depend on school buildings.

It exists everywhere.

Our first priority is to support our students in achieving their learning goals, whatever the circumstances.

Kings is very well placed to ensure effective teaching and learning can be delivered remotely. We have already invested heavily in Classmate, our own online learning platform.

This will be a core component within a new, fully integrated remote teaching delivery plan. It will be free and available to all students wherever they are.

It is called Classmate Plus.

Classmate logo

Classmate Plus is built on three core pillars:

  1. Virtual online classrooms
    We will be using Microsoft Teams to deliver live audio streaming to create virtual classrooms and small group tutorials.
    This will also be used to facilitate on-going dialogue between students and their teachers outside of lessons.
  2. Interactive tasks and assignments
    We will use Classmate and Microsoft Teams to set tasks, assignments, homework and project work.
    Students can upload assignments and projects work and can view teacher developmental feedback.
  3. Online resources for self-study
    We will also use Classmate and Microsoft Teams to ensure all resources are available for self-study.

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