At Kings our ethos can be summarized in just three words: Education for Life.

We believe that education is a continuous journey.

And in life’s journey, a great education is the passport to fresh opportunities, new challenges, life changing experiences.

The journey is long: exceptional high school qualifications; graduation from a top university; that first step on the employment ladder; a promotion or career change; a new country or culture.

A Kings education is only part of this journey. But it is a crucial one.

Our role is to equip every student under our care with the qualifications, skills and experiences which are the springboard to a lifetime of success and fulfilment. In whatever path they follow. We want a Kings education to help young people experience life at its fullest; to sustain relationships with like-minded people across the world - regardless of language, culture or geography.

We aspire to prepare our students to play their part on the world stage.

To become true global citizens. For life.

Education for Life. Your Life.

Changing Lives

We set up our #ChangingLives campaign to support our students during the pandemic. But its values and intention are just as applicable as we emerge back into a post-pandemic world.

Changing Lives: Our pledge of support

All of us at Kings give a simple commitment. In unprecedented times of change we will do everything we can to provide practical and personal support whenever and wherever it is needed.

We will help our students, our partners and our colleagues to adapt to new circumstances. We are making the most of the technology which is changing the ways in which we can learn, communicate and support each other.

Changing Lives: A celebration of what we do

We work together to change thousands of lives for the better. One student at a time. In challenging times, that’s worth remembering and celebrating.

The education we provide leads to new qualifications, new opportunities and new careers. It opens up new experiences and new friendships in new places.

Not only for our students, but for all of us who work to support them on their journeys.

That will never change.

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