We are proud to announce our new official charity partner: Theirworld.

Theirworld is a global children’s charity dedicated to ending the global education crisis and unleashing the potential of future generations.

  • Today, more than 260 million young people are out of school.
  • 75 million children have education disrupted due to conflict, climate crises or emergencies.
  • By 2030 over half of all young people are projected to be without the most basic employment skills.

Theirworld is dedicated to fighting this injustice and to helping to reverse these trends.

Their goal is to ensure to all young people have access to three core goals:

  • The best start in life
  • A safe place to learn
  • Skills for the future

To do this, the charity brings together a diverse network of youth, social entrepreneurs, campaigners, businesses and researchers. They deliver life-changing projects and run hard-hitting campaigns to unlock big change.

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How we support this work


All our schools and offices are encouraged to take part in fundraising events to support the work of Theirworld.

This includes joining in with scheduled Theirworld Challenge Events as well as planning our own fundraising initiatives.

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Global Youth Ambassadors

We encourage our students to join the Theirworld Global Youth Ambassador programme. This network of over 2000 young people from over 130 countries unites to shape the future of education for children everywhere.

This 2-year programme helps young people build their skills as advocates and campaigners through dedicated training modules, workshops and resources.

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We are also including information about the work of Theirworld into our academic curricula. We want to encourage all our students to think more about themes of global citizenship, their place in the world and how they can affect positive change.

This includes using Theirworld Teaching Resources and Student Resources. These are designed to introduce students to some of the world’s most pressing issues as well as providing help with writing essay, dissertations or EPQ.

Other initiatives

Local and international fundraising: see for example our fundraiser for Ukraine

For a over five years we worked with another charity, United World Schools. They work on ensuring children have access to education in remote and marginalised communities. We helped them build schools in Cambodia and Myanmar.

Staff and student engagement within local communities: see for example Kings Oxford Hike for Maggie, a cancer care charity local to Oxford

Annual scholarship programmes: see for example the annual Roger MacMahon scholarship for talented Kazakh students

Celebrations of achievement and success within school communities

Support for SEN students and those who do not thrive in large, mainstream schools: read what some of our parents say

Perks at Work scheme for employees

Promotion of CPD for school staff

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