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Partnership with United World Schools

Kings Education is proud to support United World Schools. The UWS vision is simple but purposeful: "To teach the unreached".

United World Schools build and sustain new schools in some of the world's most disadvantaged regions. UWS supports communities by providing free basic education for children who would otherwise go without.

Kings Education has committed to fund the building and resourcing of at least one new school in Cambodia each year. We will engage our students, staff and parents in raising awareness and developing exciting fundraising ideas.

To find out more about United World Schools visit their website

Volunteering to teach with UWS in Cambodia (posted 3rd June 2019)

An adventurous group of Kings students and staff recently returned from the trip of a lifetime, volunteering to teach children at our UWS partner school in Kro Lorng, Cambodia.

Group at UWS school, Cambodia.

Three students from Kings Oxford, Chiara, Vicky and Kevin, were accompanied by Kings Oxford senior teacher Sean Scatchard and Nicola Cranshaw, Kings Bournemouth's Academic Assistant Director of Studies.

On returning from the trip, the students gave a presentation to everyone at Kings Oxford, sharing their enthusiasm to encourage others to get involved. In Kings Life, group leader Sean shares their reflections on their experience and why they feel so passionate about supporting UWS.

Read the full article in Kings Life

Kings group in Kro Lorng village.

Myanmar school building project 2018 (posted 24th April 2018)

We are delighted that the fourth year of our partnership with UWS will see us supporting their work in Myanmar. We are fundraising to build a brand-new school in Harkwe, a wonderful but incredibly remote and impoverished community in the east of the country. 

The village is within the Shan State, an area of Myanmar suffering chronically from a lack of government investment. There are thousands of out-of-school children here, estimated by UNESCO to be more than Cambodia and Nepal combined! 

The plan is to build not just a school but also the first toilets for the village and a fresh water well. The school grounds should also provide a location for villagers to build shelters for orphans in order to provide them with access to education and opportunities that would otherwise never exist.

Young boys playing football in Harkwe village; A group of young girls sitting; Girls playing in the village.

Read the full blog post in Kings Life

60km cycle for Kings' 60th anniversary (posted 27th October 2017)

Staff from Kings in Brighton recently embarked on our latest fundraising challenge in aid of UWS: a 60km cycle ride.

As 2017 marks Kings' 60th anniversary, our schools have been celebrating with "60"-themed fundraising events (such as a fantastic 1960s costume party in Hollywood) so the bike ride had to be 60km!

The cycling team consisted of Kings Brighton's Head of English Stephen Pilton and Teacher Liz Tuck, and members of the Kings sales and marketing team — including Director Andrew Green and Regional Development Director for South East Asia Lucy Cattermole, who both completed an epic 300km ride with UWS in Cambodia in 2016. But for most of the group, 60km was the furthest they had ever cycled, and quite a daunting prospect.

It was an impressive effort from all involved, and has so far raised just over £2000!

Read the full blog post in Kings Life

Kings Brighton staff cycling 60km for UWS

Back-to-school updates from Ka Pin and Kro Lorng schools (posted 25th September 2017)

Just as our schools are starting the new academic year, across Cambodia the holidays are just beginning. Celebrations to mark the end of year took place in UWS Kapin and UWS Kro Lorng Schools two weeks ago, and now children have returned to support their families full-time on their rice farms before the new term begins in October.

It's hard to fathom but just three years ago it would have been beyond the imagination of anyone in the village that they might finish school and be able to access jobs outside of subsistence rice farming. Thanks to everyone at Kings, this is the reality. 

Meanwhile, our Education Officers have also been working hard, undertaking an intensive four-days of training that will prepare them to deliver refresher sessions to teachers in the run up to the new school year. The pictures show the team during these classes at our Headquarters in the town of Banlung, and girls at UWS Ka Pin reading and listening in class to a national language that they can understand.

Girls reading and staff training in progress at UWS schools in Cambodia

However, it is not only our Cambodian Team that have been busy. We are incredibly impressed by the amazing work of the Kings Education Group as you each set about raising money for your most ambitious target yet. A special mention to  Kings New Jersey and Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood) who have already reached and even exceeded their targets!

UWS is also excited to announce that we will be visiting both Kings London and Kings Oxford in the next fortnight. We hope to encourage more students to submit for their Global Citizenship Awards which recognise any students that Learns, Shares and Acts on behalf of UWS.

Thank you again for everything that you are all doing!

Read the full blog post in Kings Life

Update on UWS Ka Pin (posted 17th March 2017)

Our UWS partner school in Ka Pin, Cambodia, has now been open for almost a year!

The latest photos from the school show the students eagerly learning in a maths lesson, engrossed in reading in the library and at home, and engaged in problem solving.

Children enjoying lessons at UWS Ka Pin school, Cambodia
Children reading and problem solving in Ka Pin, Cambodia

Over the last year, Kings schools in the UK and USA have taken part in many activities to raise funds for UWS. Kings Boston's talent show last November was one such event — a great way for students to fundraise while having a lot of fun!

Students who took part in Kings Boston's fundraising talent show

Read about the talent show in Kings Life.

#Single and dreaming: Anna's story (posted 27th January 2017)

In the latest case study from UWS, we meet Lan Sokpheanna, or 'Anna'. You can spot her in the photo standing in the middle with the cheeky grin — and t-shirt ('#single') to match!

Joining her are her fellow dorm buddies in what is part of a new UWS initiative to give students the opportunity to continue their education after primary school.

Anna grew up helping her parents with farming and housework and may well have gone on to marry at the age 12 as many girls of her age do. This all changed with the building of a UWS school in her village, creating the sole availability of primary education for Anna and the local children. Despite being older than many of the new students, Anna persevered and completed primary Grades 1-6. Better still, she was able to dream of a future career beyond farming. She hopes to become a teacher.

The problem faced by Anna and many others was that the only local government school was several hours' walk away and the journey was simply not practical. Having considered the predicament, UWS has built dorms in the government school so that students can stay there during the week and continue their education. They visit their parents at weekends to pick up their rations for the week.

Anna is now in Grade 7, aspiring to complete the final Grade 12. She and her friends can now continue to follow their dreams and Anna can choose to remain #single to pursue her grand ambitions.

Anna and friends continuing their education in Cambodia

We made it! (posted 26th September 2016)

We are delighted and proud to confirm that following a huge amount of effort from many colleagues and students around the Kings world, we have hit our UWS fundraising target for 2015-16.

Between us, and including funds matched by the company, we have just last week surpassed our ambitious target of £27,000!

Official opening of our latest school in Cambodia (posted 27th April 2016)

As part of the cycle ride undertaken by some of the Kings team, they had the privilege and honour of attending the opening ceremony of our latest school in Kapin, Cambodia — funded through the hard work and generosity of Kings staff and students.

The entire village was present for the official opening, as well as local government officials and the CEO of United World Schools (who also took part in the bike ride).

Speeches were made by the village Elder, the local education official, as well as by Tim Howarth of UWS and Kings' Andrew Green. Each speech was translated into the local language, the national Khmer language and English.

Kings' Andrew Green opens the UWS school in Kapin, Cambodia

To watch a video of the event, click here to see our original blog post.

Cambodia Bike Challenge (posted 19th April 2016)

This fantastic fundraising challenge was completed last month by a team including Kings Director Andrew Green, IT Business Development Manager Karen Rees, Kings Oxford Principal Mike Smith and teachers Sean Scatchard and Gabrielle Lambrick, and South East Asia Regional Director Lucy Cattermole and Recruitment & Admissions Manager Emily Wood.

Cycling 300km across remote Cambodian countryside, their journey took in several UWS schools, including our own schools at Kro Lorng and Kapin.

UWS Cambodia Bike Challenge 2016

The team had the opportunity to meet students and teachers at the schools, even taking part in some lessons and activities. Lucy Cattermole said:

"The cycling was certainly the toughest physical challenge I have ever put my body through, but arriving at the villages to such warm welcomes from whole communities really made it all worthwhile.

Seeing the UWS schools in person … made me feel exceptionally proud of the involvement and support which Kings is giving to UWS and the amazing work they are doing for these children."

Click here to read the full Cambodia Bike Challenge 2016 blog post.

Read Sean Scatchard’s evocative and thoughtful impressions of this amazing journey.

UWS and Charley Boorman in Cambodia (posted 24th February 2016)

British celebrity Charley Boorman recently visited a UWS project in Tae Le village, Cambodia and made this short film about his trip. The video highlights the remoteness of the rural communities that UWS works with, as well as what a day looks like at a UWS school.

Latest photos from Kro Lorng school (posted 16th February 2016)

We are delighted to share the latest photos from Kro Lorng, where our UWS school continues to serve its rural community and offers students their only opportunity to access education.

Among our many initiatives to generate funds for the building and upkeep of new schools in Cambodia, one of the most ambitious in 2016 is a 300km bike ride through the Cambodian jungle. Members of Kings staff from the UK and South East Asia are taking up the challenge next month, and will be able to visit the school and see its impact first hand.

Kro Lorng school pupils: in the classroom; playing outside the school; clearing up.

Kro Lorng school, Cambodia

Read more about the fundraising bike ride in Kings Life.

Rochoman: Aged 22 from Jong Ra village (posted 8th December 2015)

Rochoman is 22 years old and is a Community Teacher at Jong Ra village. He was born in a neighbouring village in Northern Cambodia.

Rochoman’s parents are farmers and they were desperate for him to go to school. By staying with family members in a nearby town, Rochoman was fortunate enough to gain a place at one of the limited government schools. He was lucky, but there were problems — at his school the teachers didn’t turn up every day and they often asked the students for money and food to help meet their needs.

Aged 19 he married and moved to Jong Ra. The village was extremely remote and Rochoman realised that the children had no way of going to school. During the day he was looking for a job but spent his evenings teaching the local children to read and count.

In 2014 the village got their own UWS School. The School Support Committee, made up of village elders, had the job of choosing two local teachers who would be trained up and paid by UWS. Rochoman was the first person they approached. He instantly agreed to take the job and, after some training, began teaching even before the school was finished.

Read Rochoman’s full story in our blog.

Rochoman teaching at Jong Ra school

Katree: Aged 10 from Kro Lorng village (posted 2nd December 2015)

Katree* is 10 years old and lives in the village of Kro Lorng in Northern Cambodia. She is the second eldest in a family of 5 children.

In Cambodia children are meant to go to school when they turn six. Unfortunately, like thousands of children in her province, there was no school for Katree to go to. This meant she was brought up illiterate and only able to speak her tribal language. In 2014 UWS partnered with Kings Education to build a school in Kro Lorng.

Before the school was built Katree would work all day with her family in the fields, but she has now been going to school for over a year. She can already speak in the national language of Khmer, her reading is improving, she can count to 30 and is able to do basic addition and subtraction.

Katree is still not sure what she wants to do when she grows up, she only knows that she doesn’t want to be a farmer. With the help of Kings and UWS Kro Lorng she now has that option.

Read Katree’s full story in our blog.

*Katree’s name has been changed to protect her but this is the story of a pupil at Kro Lorng.

Katree, a pupil at Kro Lorng School

Our second school to be built in Kapin (posted 19th November 2015)

The Kro Lorng school is now up and running so while a part of the funds we raise in 2016 will be going into the maintenance of our first school, we are already planning the next one.

Our second school with UWS is to be built in the remote village of Kapin, north east Cambodia. It is hoped that building work will begin later this month, and should be completed by next Spring.

Kapin village, Cambodia

Kro Lorng pupils in a music class (posted 17th November 2015)

The children of Kro Lorng school learn a tune in their music lesson.

The rainy season arrives in Kro Lorng (posted 10th November 2015)

The monsoon arrives at Kro Lorng school bringing heavy rain, but the children still enjoy running around outside and playing in the mud.

Kro Lorng school assembly (posted 3rd November 2015)

The children and staff singing during an assembly at Kro Lorng School.

Art lesson at Kro Lorng school (posted 27th October 2015)

The students of Kro Lorng prepare for a play, making masks and props during an art class in their library.

Students leaving the school (posted 20th October 2015)

This video shows the Kro Lorng School exterior and all its students on their way for lunch, greeting the girls from Red Maids School as they leave.

Students learning at Kro Lorng School (posted 13th October 2015)

Here are Kro Lorng School pupils in their classroom where they learn games, literacy and numeracy, Khmer and English.

Update from Kro Lorng (posted 8th October 2015)

During summer, Jack Clark, School Partnership Director at UWS, spent 4 days at Kro Lorng School with 14 students from Red Maids School in Bristol. 

This is the first update and we will be publishing some other short clips Jack did of specific lessons at the school over the four days he was in Kro Lorng.

The build of our first school is completed (posted 3rd February 2015)

As you can see from the video below, as of February 2015, the build of the first school since we became partner school for United World Schools has been completed! Now it needs resourcing and then it will be ready for the children.

Our first school in Kro Lorng (posted 11th November 2014)

Our first school is due to be opened in early 2015. It is located in the village of Kro Lorng, located in the jungle area of Ta Veaeng District, 40km north east of Bunlung.

View basic details about the build project in this .pdf

View a map of the school location

View pictures of the new school under construction