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University Pathways
Pathways to Medicine at Kings

Gaining a place to follow a Medicine course at undergraduate level in the UK is very demanding — with 8000 applicants for only 600 international places. 

At Kings we offer four different pathways to Medicine degrees in the UK:

1) A standard A-level programme, delivered over the course of two academic years

2) A One-Year A-level programme

3) The Advanced Level Foundation with a special Aston University articulation (see section below)

4) The Advanced Level Foundation with a special UCLAN articulation (see the Advanced Level Foundation: Medicine factsheet)

Aston University Medical School articulation from the Advanced Level Foundation

We are delighted that from 2017 we will be able to offer a pathway to students who will be eligible to apply to Aston University's Medical School.

The programme

Students will complete the Advanced Level Foundation Programme and will also enjoy some visits from the Medical school team. Medical School applicants will also benefit from support as detailed below in our Medical School Application process.

1. You will benefit from small classes in an international environment on your Foundation or A-level course.

2. Specific Aston University Medical school enrichment programme: In addition to your Kings classes, you will have the chance to meet with Aston University staff who will give guidance on your applications and studying Medicine.

Aston University entry criteria

You will be eligible to apply to Aston University's Medical School upon completion of the Advanced Level Foundation to the following standard:

  • Final grade of 75%, with at least 70% in Chemistry and Biology
  • IELTS 7.5 (minimum 7.0 in each category)

Progression to MBChB

Students undertaking the Foundation will have the opportunity to apply to Aston University to undertake their medical course (MBChB) commencing in September 2018. This will be subject to satisfaction of the following academic requirements:

  • Attainment of a minimum of 75% overall result with at least 70% in Chemistry and Biology
  • UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test). No minimum score required but results must be submitted with the student's application by no later than 15 October 2017

After consideration of the students' UCAS application and the conditions set out above, students may be invited for an interview by Aston University.

Students interested in applying for the MBChB must apply by 15 October 2017 through the UCAS portal:

Should you successfully complete the Course but not want to apply to Aston University to undertake the MBChB, then you will be assisted to find the best alternative course or university placement by your Kings UCAS Counsellor.

Kings UK Medical School application process

Applicants must take a specialist Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) and achieve a very high score.

At Kings we provide specialist support for students wishing to follow this path.

We will develop your skills and experience in taking UKCAT and will ensure you have a dedicated Senior Mentor to support you through the application process. We also guide your early research procedures to help you choose the most suitable Medical school and will support you in your visits to Medical schools.

Below is a step by step guide to the application process and how we help potential Medical students through it. 

1. Identification of potential Medical students

  • Two-year A-level students will be identified during their AS year.
  • One-year A-level students will be identified at point of application.
  • Advanced Level Foundation students who want to apply to Aston Medical School will be identified at the point of application.

2. Registration for UKCAT

Students need to register for UKCAT, the UK Clinical Aptitude Test, at the earliest opportunity.

This can only be done between these dates: 2 May 2017 - 19 September 2017

It is therefore advisable that: 

  • Two-year A-level students identified as medical applicants register during term 3 of their AS year.
  • One-year A-level students register at point of application before coming to the UK
  • Advanced level Foundation students register at point of application before coming to the UK

Registration is done online:

Students need to answer a questionnaire during the registration process, so need to be able to answer these questions.

Once registration is complete, students will be sent an email containing a password which will allow them to book their test.  Students can sign in using the registration link above.

3. Booking a UKCAT

Booking needs to be done by an individual and not the school and can be done online between these dates:

2 May 2017 – midday 2 October 2017

The test can be taken between these dates:

3 July 2017 – 3 October 2017 

The vast majority of test centres in the UK run tests 6 days a week Mon-Sat from 8am-4pm (Sat until 12pm) and have 1 late night session a week until 7pm.

Students are strongly advised to book as soon as they can after 2 May 2017 as places can quickly become booked up. 

We advise booking at the nearest centre to your school on any date after 13 September 2017 as this is the date you will be provided with a full day of UKCAT preparation and training in one of the Kings schools. Ideally this would be one of the weeks beginning 18 or 25 September 2017 to give as much opportunity to practice, but this does depend on being able to secure a place at the nearest centre after booking opens on 2 May 2017.

The cost of the test is:

£65 for tests taken in the EU between 3 July and 31 August 2017
£80 for tests taken in the EU between 1 September and 3 October 2017
£100 for tests taken outside the EU

The nearest centres to the Kings UK schools are:


Pearson Professional Centres-UK Croydon
Second Floor
Central House
27 Park Street
United Kingdom 


Pearson Professional Centres-UK Bournemouth
Roddis House, 3rd Floor
Old Christchurch Rd
United Kingdom


Pearson Professional Centres-UK Oxford
Pearson Professional Centre
Top Floor (Buzzer 9)
58 St Aldates
United Kingdom


Pearson Professional Centres-UK Brighton
Pearson Professional Centres
Victoria House, 4th Floor
125 Queens Rd
United Kingdom

4. Preparation for UKCAT

A2 students can be given preparation support during term 3 of their AS year. This will consist of past papers and discussion, as well as Maths support where appropriate. The UKCAT website has the best and most relevant resources for preparing students in the Advisor Toolkit section.

One-year A-level students and Advanced Level Foundation students with a conditional offer for Aston Medical School must make use of the resources on the UKCAT website

All students will take the UKCAT before applying to Aston Medical School, so no conditional offers will be given unless the UKCAT has already been taken.

Students should all read the official UKCAT guide.

Kings will give all students a full day of UKCAT preparation titled Mastering the UKCAT run by The Medic Portal, provisionally booked to take place at Kings Oxford on 13 September 2017. If numbers suggest we have enough to run a session in other schools, we can do so. The maximum they can realistically take is 30 students.  The sooner we know we will need another session the better. Details of the Mastering the UKCAT day and a timetable will be sent by email.

It would be advisable for Aston Advanced Level Foundation students to have the offer of further support and guidance – similar to what AS students received during the previous term 3 during their induction. They should have done a significant amount of preparation before arrival, but having one or two dedicated UKCAT sessions during their induction as well as The Medic Portal’s day is advisable.

Guidance suggests that in total students should spend 21-30 hours preparing for the UKCAT.  The pre-arrival work, sessions during induction and the 6-hour input of Mastering the UKCAT should more than cover this.

5. UCAS application

Once the UKCAT test has been taken, students will need to complete their UCAS application by 15 October 2017. 

Students’ results will be delivered direct to the universities students have applied for. Once applications are made, Universities will usually require students to attend MMIs (Mini Multiple Interviews) to help them choose which students will get an offer.

There is a very helpful timeline provided by UKCAT.

6. Preparation for MMIs

We will offer all students who have offers from universities which require MMIs (Multiple Mini Interviews) the same level of support we give for UKCAT.

  • A-level students can begin preparation with staff in schools during Term 3 of AS. This will consist of general interview practice. We can use existing staff in a school or from a different Kings school to give practice.
  • One-year A level students, Aston ALF students and UCLAN students will be given interview practice as part of their Enhancement entitlement at their school. This will be sessions exploring topics which are relevant to the exam as well as interview technique. Students can expect practice interviews.

Kings will provide all students who will be completing an MMI a full day of preparation and training from Duo UK on Interview Guidance and Communication Skills specifically for MMIs (details will be provided in an email)

Students will be filmed during the interview; they will be given instant feedback and guidance – which will also be filmed.  This will be provided as a DVD for use when preparing further.

The date of this training is not yet confirmed, but will take place towards the end of November 2017.  MMIs are usually done in January, but some can take place in December. This session can be done in any Kings location and again depends on numbers. There is a maximum of 12 students per day, and a minimum of 7.

7. Completing the MMIs

Students will be asked to attend these interviews by universities once applications are successful. Staff in schools will help with arranging transport and/or accommodation.