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Our people

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Chelsea Church

Campus Support Coordinator

Chelsea plays a key role in coordinating the campus services and progression advising support at the Kings Center at Canisius.

"I received my B.A. in French with a concentration in Spanish from Nazareth College in Rochester N.Y. I am currently enrolled as a graduate student at Canisius in the College of Student Personnel Administration program.

During my undergraduate studies I spent a year abroad in Rennes, France studying French as a second language. Meeting and studying with people from all over the world was a new and enriching experience for me. I loved having the opportunity to learn about new cultures and share our different life experiences. Working with international students has always been a passion of mine which is why I’m excited to work with Kings. I have the opportunity to not only help students transition to life on an American campus but to watch them succeed and achieve their academic goals.

In my free time I love traveling and exploring the culture of new cities. When cold Buffalo winters arrive I enjoy nothing more than curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book." 

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Chris Bock

Senior Progression Advisor

As Senior Progression Advisor, Chris works with Pathways students who have transitioned to Canisius, assisting with their progression to their dream school and program. Chris helps students unlock all aspects of the college transfer application process, including finding the perfect college fit, understanding all admissions requirements, and coaching them through the process of writing the perfect transfer essay.

"I had a unique undergraduate experience. I began studying at a private music conservatory in the Boston area as a freshman. After deciding that this program wasn’t for me, I changed my plans, changed my major and ultimately transferred schools three times, first to a community college near my family’s home, and then to a small state college. I finally found my “fit” at my fourth institution, Stony Brook University, where I earned a BA in English Literature and Criticism. After earning my MFA in Creative Writing with a concentration in Poetry, I served as an Assistant Professor of Humanities at an arts-focused university in the Boston area, then as an instructor at a community college in New York City. I also taught English language courses to students from around the world during this time, which allowed me to pursue my interest in global education and cultural exchange.

It is incredibly rewarding to see the look on students’ faces when they receive acceptance letters to universities they have been dreaming about! I am very happy to be able to share my passions for higher education with students acclimating to life at a U.S. university."