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Study locations

On-campus accommodation

Canisius offers a wide range of residential options to its students.

First year students will likely live on campus at the Bosch or Frisch Halls.

This allows our students to mix with fellow American students from the first day at Canisius.

International students are encouraged to take part in the running of the Halls (by becoming Residential Assistants for example) as well as enjoying the halls-based activities and entertainment.

Canisius also helps students with the same major to live close to each other in Halls as they might share interests and study time, through "Freshman themed housing".


Bosch Hall and Frisch Hall

Halls at Canisius are organized so that Freshmen and Sophomore students are together and can make friends more easily.

Both Bosch and Frisch Halls, the First Year students halls, have been recently refurbished and provide modern and comfortable living.

They house approximately 250 students each, in double or suite-style rooms.

There are five bathrooms per floor.

Each floor also houses a social lounge, a kitchenette and study room.

Student rooms are all equipped with cable television and Internet access.

A computer lab is located in the basement, along with laundry facilities.

The Halls are connected with the tunnel system so during winter, students can leave Halls and go to their seminars or to the library without stepping out in the cold!