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Our people

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Gina Iannelli

Center Director, Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood)

Gina Iannelli is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood). She works closely with school staff to oversee all aspects of the Kings Education experience and works with students to give them the best possible educational and social outcomes while in sunny southern California.

"As I embark on my new journey as Center Director with Kings Education, I most look forward to interacting with the international students who call Hollywood home. I am amazed at the ability of these students to learn English and assimilate into American culture, and I hope our enthusiastic team can continue to make their transition positive and effortless. My goals are to propel the Hollywood location to the next level with my management experience and by learning from the center's dynamic group. Collaboration within the department will provide international students guidance to pursue their goals. As always, I continue to learn from not only my mentors and peers, but from the students I support."

"My love of literature led me to pursue a Bachelors in English, as well as a Masters in Marketing and Social Media. While working at California State University, Fullerton, I utilized my knowledge to foster meaningful relationships within the education system."

"Outside of work I fill my time with outdoor activities, the beach, my dogs and my family and friends. I am an avid traveler eager to learn more about cultures and traditions different from my own."

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Andrea Fredricks

Director of Academic Affairs

Andrea is available to assist students at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood) with all of their academic needs. Her role includes classing students, carrying out level exams, maintaining teaching standards, classroom-management and overall student satisfaction. She was inspired to pursue a Masters in Education for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages by her own language learning experiences. She spent two years living and studying abroad in Chile and Spain and her first teaching experience was in Brazil.

"As an educator, I am passionate about exploring new language learning technologies and ways to use multimedia to engage both learners and teachers in the classroom.

When speaking with students, I encourage them to acquire English that is 'better than good enough'. I believe that they can achieve this by using more complex and rich grammar while also increasing the quality and quantity of their vocabulary.

Though I'm not a native Angelino, I am very happy to call Los Angeles home. I enjoy the many faces of this tremendous city, not to mention the sun and the beaches... with my dog, Paka."

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Clay Barham

Assistant Director of Student Affairs

"As the Assistant Director of Student Affairs, I take great joy in making sure Kings students have the best experience possible.

I have worked in education administration my entire career and am passionate about student service and success.

Away from work, I enjoy playing tennis and creating music with friends."

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Craig Bass

Student Services Coordinator

Craig is Student Services Coordinator at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood). His job is to make the student experience at Kings a great one! He does everything from planning activities, to leading the new students on orientation tours of Hollywood. 

"Before moving to Los Angeles I worked in Boston, MA at a youth center teaching G.E.D classes. I really enjoy being at Kings because of the great environment that the staff and students have created. It’s been such a great experience meeting students from around the world.

In my spare time I enjoy watching and playing sports, hiking and going to the movies."

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Grace Zamora

Academic Affairs Manager

As Academic Affairs Manager at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood), Grace supports students and teachers in pursuing their learning goals. She makes sure classes and textbooks are the right fit, and advises students seeking college acceptance. She also focuses on professional development for the teaching faculty, curriculum design and implementation, and assessment and reflective practices.

“A decade of experience in language teaching, teacher training, and curriculum development taught me that I care most about creating a community where people — students and teachers — feel excited to learn and comfortable enough to make mistakes, try new things, and share themselves with others.

If you ask my students who I am, they probably wouldn’t tell you about my undue amusement at puns, my obsession with motorhomes, nor my continual attempts to quit coffee, because they don’t have the vocabulary for that. Yet. But they can tell you how much fun they have communicating in English, how difficult but good the classes are, and how excited we all are to see one another every day at Kings.”

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Elizabeth Polanco

International Student Advisor

Elizabeth is the International Student Advisor at Kings Los Angeles (Hollywood). Her responsibilities include advising and helping students maintain lawful immigration status. She provides student services in areas such as student life, medical assistance, college counseling, personal counseling, and social activities.

“I was born in Los Angeles and know the ins and outs of Hollywood. I enjoy being part of Kings Education because I am able to meet and be part of an International Student's lifetime experience of studying abroad.

In my spare time I enjoy going to concerts in and around LA, watching competitive sports, and trying different cuisines."

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Ross Victory

Assistant Director of Housing

"As a former Teacher and Marketing professional, I'm excited to join Kings and use diverse experiences to connect with students and show them a great time. I've traveled the world from Africa, Asia, Middle East, the Caribbean, Russia, Latin America, and the South Pacific Islands, so I have a strong sense of the international community and love learning about the best places to experience. As a 13-year-old boy, I went to Japan on a homestay exchange program and worked and lived in South Korea for a period of time, so I understand the dynamics of living and studying abroad."

"In my free time you can catch me at the gym, eating at the latest restaurants (or trying to cook!), enjoying holistic activities like massage or meditation, and creating music or binge watching Netflix. I look forward to meeting you!"

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Conley Patillo

Head Residential Advisor

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Mary Ann Pickard

Residential Advisor, Cassil Residence and Cassil Apartments

As a Residential Advisor, Mary Ann lives onsite at the Cassil Residence and serves as a resource for students and a liaison between Kings' Housing Manager, maintenance, and cleaning team to ensure that all student needs are met and to help create a warm and friendly environment that exceeds expectations.

"Originally from Auburn, Alabama, I received my Bachelors of Arts in Sociology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Following my graduation in 2011, I spent another three years in Atlanta working as a research analyst at a global executive search firm before moving to Los Angeles in 2014 with my Aussie Shepherd Keats.

Studying abroad in Italy during my junior year in college was one of the best experiences of my life. Working at Kings has been an amazing opportunity as it has allowed me to continue to meet and interact with people from all over the world with that same love for international exploration!"