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Traveling in the classroom: sharing cultures in New Jersey

10 January, 2018

Kings New Jersey Teacher and Progression Advisor Judy Braune fills us in on a particularly international — and tasty! — classroom experience.

To practice language fluency, and polish their speaking skills, my students were asked to make a presentation about their home countries. The presentations included information about their countries' geography, customs, touristic spots — and, of course, food!

We heard wonderful presentations from Italy, Taiwan, Turkey and Japan. Our Turkish students, Emin and Yagiz, even made sigara böreği for us to try — they had recently heard their teacher mention that it was her favorite snack from Turkey!

These are delicious cheese rolls made from baked and fried dough filled with a Turkish cheese called Lor. They are easy to make and so delicious. You can find recipes online such as this one.

The other students in the class enjoyed trying their first taste of Turkish food! We also tried out some face masks from Taiwan from Daphne.

Experiencing a class at Kings is like traveling in the classroom!