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Learning about culture and communication in the home of English

9 January, 2018

Dina is from Indonesia, and recently spent three months at Kings London studying Intensive English, English Plus Business and Finance and IELTS Preparation. We caught up with her to find out what she thought about living and learning in London.

Hi Dina. What course did you study and what lessons did you have?
I took Business class, I did Reading and Writing, and Listening and Speaking class.

I really liked Business class because I can learn more vocabulary and special words for business and more about business culture. I like Reading and Writing class because it is difficult to read by myself but with other people I can focus more and it is better for me.

What's your morning class like?
I really like it because our teacher doesn't only teach us with the textbook, but gives us some games to make it easier to remember our vocabulary, especially with difficult vocabulary.

Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have any specific plans that include English?
Yeah, I want to be a successful businesswoman so communication is very important to me. You look cool in Indonesia if you can speak English well.

What made you choose Kings London?
Because it offers longer times to study. I compared with other courses but Kings school has the longest time to study. You have classes from 9.00am to 3.00pm, longer if you stay for lectures.

Where have you been staying?
I live in a student house. I live with Mayu, another student. My first month the house was full, five girls, all from different nationalities: Indonesia, Japan, Taiwan, Russia and Chile. That was really great. Now it is only me, Mayu, one Iranian and one Korean girl.

What do you think about the school facilities?
I like the building and I like the interactive whiteboards. Some creative teachers use it for pictures, to hide the pictures and text and to make games out of learning.

What activities and excursions did you go on?
I went to Wales (with UK Study Tours). It was a long trip but I liked Wales. The castle was cool. I never imagined that Britain would have a clearer, bluer sky than my country but when we went to this castle and there was a perfect blue sky, it was like a painting.

Are there any good places to shop in London?
Greenwich is the perfect place! It is historical, it has a market, you can go on a boat or a cable car to central London to see Big Ben. It is the best place, it has everything. It is the centre of time! You get beautiful views of the city in the park. If you only have one day, you must go there.

Was it your first time in the UK? Was it what you expected?
I thought the UK would be a fairy tale, but London is a modern city. But I like Beckenham because it has older buildings with historical features and I like chimneys.

Would you recommend London to other students?
Yes, of course, because this is the original place, this is where English started. You have to come here to learn the history of words and where the words come from.

Would you recommend Kings London to other students?
Yes, because Beckenham is quiet, so maybe it's not good if you just want to party, but it's great to study. You cannot depend on your teacher only, you have to work hard and have the right attitude.

It's hard sometimes because in my culture we are shy and we aren't used to being so active in class, but here we learn how to do that, we have to learn to speak up and ask questions, and not be afraid that if we ask a question then we will get it wrong and people will laugh, because that doesn't happen!