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Monkeying around in Bournemouth

31 August, 2017

Kings Bournemouth is fortunate enough to have Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre on its doorstep, a 65-acre ape and monkey sanctuary and rescue centre which was made famous being featured on the television show 'Monkey Life'.

After a short journey from Bournemouth, our students were able to explore Monkey World and see the 21 species of primates at the park, ranging from apes such as chimpanzees, who were taken from the wild as babies and used as photographers' props on Spanish beaches, to monkeys such as marmosets, many of which were rescued from the UK pet trade. The aim of the sanctuary is to give them as natural an environment as possible so that they have a secure and peaceful place to live. The students were able to see this first hand on the excursion.

Many of the monkeys and apes have mental as well as physical problems so the Primate Care Staff treat their individual needs until they can be reintegrated with primates of their own kind. The students could watch the staff caring for the animals in many different ways, from feeding times to general interaction and playtime.

Before heading back to school, the students enjoyed spending time in the sanctuary shop — leaving with presents for themselves and their families, from postcards to cuddly monkeys! It's all for a good cause as proceeds from the shop go towards the park and ensuring it runs smoothly, and that primates can be well looked after for years to come.


Additional photo credits: Scott Davies/ Gabrielle Ludlow