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Facing new challenges at university in California

1 September, 2017

Jae Ho Shin from South Korea has just successfully completed the Undergraduate Preparation Program at MCU. He shares his challenges, achievements, and thoughts on starting his degree course.

Before I have moved here, I have been through numerous hardship and problem. Therefore, I hesitated to start new challenges in the foreign country because there is a possibility that it set me up for a deeper fall.

After careful consideration, I have moved to California, but I had no confidence that I can reach the goal here because I am actually not the sharpest tool in the shed. However, after I enrolled in class at Kings, I found out that my fears were just utterly groundless because I have been given plenty of information and knowledge from teachers and staff and go as far as to make great strides in how to write an essay which is extremely related to GPA.

Of course, more and more adversities will approach toward me, but I will be able to deal with those issues by what I have been through here. This method also can be applied when I will study at university, I will meet new peers and professors there and this would be extremely interesting.

However, I have to acknowledge that bright side of things does not always exist there. I might have conflicts between professors or peers, also I might run into some unexpected problems which are regarding my studies. In those situation, the experience that I have learned at Kings will be played an important role in to deal with issues. Therefore, I have no concern life in university and I have confidence that I can achieve a goal that I am seeking to accomplish.  

Congratulations to Jae Ho and all our UPP graduates. We wish them all the best for their forthcoming adventures at MCU!