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High School Pathways
The International Study Center

The International Study Center is based on the Rutgers Prep campus. It is run by specialized Kings staff who provide expert academic, linguistic and cultural preparation for success at Rutgers Prep and beyond.

The Kings learning environment fits the needs of our students — not the other way round. We take the time to find out about each student's strengths and ambitions, and ensure a program and support plan is personalized to their needs. This approach to learning and development is at the heart of all we do.

The specialist Kings student care team

The academic and student services team at the International Study Center and Central Support fulfil a broad range of functions to ensure every student develops and grows — academically, personally and socially.

Centre Director

The Centre Director is responsible for the whole International Study Center operation including academic, pastoral and accommodation matters. They act as the main liaison with Rutgers Prep to ensure effective student integration with the main School.

Academic Affairs Manager

The Academic Coordinator is responsible for maintaining overall quality of teaching and for ensuring progress targets are met. He or she will interview students during their first two weeks, and provide overall management of their development.


Subject teachers provide specialist tuition in English language, study skills development and the full range of academic subjects available within the International Study Center.

Student Services Coordinator

The Student Services Coordinator is responsible for dealing with any personal or emotional needs a student may have. They are always available for friendly advice and support.

Managed integration to the main school

The process of fully integrating a young international student into any large high school needs careful management. Often, younger students can feel overwhelmed by the scale, traditions and demands of an elite US school.

That is why Kings and Rutgers Prep work very closely together to ensure the transition from the International Study Centre (ISC) to main School is smooth and enjoyable. That way, every student will be fully prepared and ready to excel.


Flexible progression

Students who meet the academic and language requirements can enter Rutgers Prep directly from age 13+. Depending on their age, students enter the School at Years 9, 10 or 11.

Students aged 13 – 14 also have the option of completing the Boarding School Bridge Program, with terms of High School Preparation at the International Study Center first if needed. This program is run by Rutgers Prep for 8th grade international students to spend a year preparing for American high school—serving as a bridge between middle school and high school.

Alternatively, older students aged 16 – 18 can take the American College Bridge Program, with terms of High School Preparation at the International Study Center first if required. This unique program is run by Rutgers Prep exclusively for Year 12 international students to provide a direct pathway to Rutgers University, or alternative elite university options.