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High School Pathways
Student housing

For international students, being comfortable and happy where they live is as important as their experience at school. That is why Kings and Rutgers Prep work closely together to ensure all accommodation provides a real home from home.


Rutgers Preparatory School has a highly regarded homestay program.

International students live in the homes of host families and enjoy the benefits of American family life.

Once a local family has requested to become an approved host family they are interviewed by Rutgers Prep staff and given a rigorous background check before being accepted. Families at Rutgers Prep view hosting an international student as an educational and rewarding experience.

Residential accommodation

Rutgers Prep also offers residential accommodation for students aged 13+ near to campus. The accommodation is located within a residential hotel and is managed by a live-in Resident Assistant. Boys and girls are housed on separate floors.

The residential facility includes breakfast and dinner during the school week, with lunch taken in the School Dining Commons. At weekends and holidays brunch and dinner is served.

A free shuttle bus takes students to and from the main School. The journey time is approximately 10 minutes.

Enhancing Student Residential Life

Rutgers Prep and Kings have partnered with Education Quest International (EQI), a highly respected organization which works to extend the educational experience.

EQI provides after-school and weekend academic support, as well as challenging educational activities and athletics and community engagement. These activities aid development of high levels of educational curiosity, motivation and discipline.

The EQI team also ensures that students have a home away from home during semester breaks or holiday periods when they would normally have to leave the residence.

Residential provision includes:

  • twin en-suite bedrooms
  • separate female and male halls monitored by on-site Resident Assistants
  • weekly change of linen, bathroom cleaning and vacuuming
  • breakfast and dinner during weekdays, brunch and dinner at weekends
  • Wifi access
  • Transport to and from Rutgers Prep
  • Basic sick care including accompaniment to doctor and emergency room visits
  • Supervised weekend activities including shopping, skiing, swimming, cinema, TaekWonDo, tennis, golf and community service
  • Additional learning support e.g. TOEFL and SAT Readiness (additional fees apply)