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High School Pathways
From Rutgers Prep to university

Rutgers Prep is the perfect springboard to an undergraduate degree at an elite US university.

The expert preparation for the opportunities and demands of university which Rutgers Prep provides means the School has an enviable track record of acceptance by some of the best universities in America.

Progression options from Rutgers Prep

Pathways from Rutgers Prep

Progression from Rutgers Prep to University

In 2016, 100% of Rutgers Prep graduates went on to a top US college or university. The Top 50 institutions below have accepted or admitted Rutgers Prep students. (Rankings from U.S. News & World Report, 2017)

1 Princeton University 30 University of North Carolina
8 Duke University 31 Boston College
8 University of Pennsylvania =32 College of William and mary
10 John Hopkins University =32 University of Rochester
11 Dartmouth College =34 Brandeis University
12 Northwestern University =34 Georgia Institute of Technology
14 Brown University 36 University of New York
=15 Cornell University 37 Case Western Reserve University
=15 Notre Dame =39 Boston University
=15 Vanderbilt University =39 University of California, Irvine
=19 Washington University in St. Louis =39 Northeastern University
=20 Emory University =39 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
=20 University of California, Berkeley =39 Tulane University
=20 Georgetown University =44 University of California, Davis
23 University of Southern California =44 University of California, San Diego
=24 University of California, Los Angeles =44 University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana
=24 Carnegie Mellon University =44 Lehigh University
=24 University of Virginia =44 University of Wisconsin-Madison
=27 University of Michigan =50 University of Florida
=27 Tufts University =50 Penn State University - University Park
=27 Wake Forest University      

Progression to Liberal Arts Colleges

Top 50 National Liberal Arts Colleges which have recently admitted Rutgers Prep students (by ranking):

3 Wellesley College 30 University of North Carolina
9 Davidson College 31 Bryn Mawr College
=12 Colgate University =32 Bucknell University
=12 Hamilton College =32 College of the Holy Cross
=12 Haverford College =32 Pitzer College
=12 United States Naval Academy =36 Lafayette College
=12 Vassar College =36 Mount Holyoke College
19 United States Military Academy =38 Skidmore College
21 Wesleyan University =38 Trinity College
23 Scripps College =41 Dickinson College
=19 Washington University in St. Louis =41 Soka University of America
=24 Colorado College =44 Occidental College
=24 Oberlin College =47 Franklin and Marshall College
=27 Barnard College =49 Bard College
=27 Kenyon College =50 Connecticut College
=27 University of Richmond      

Progression to Rutgers University

Students on the American College Bridge Program will receive guaranteed acceptance from Rutgers University should they meet the following admissions criteria:

  • GPA 3.3
  • TOEFL iBT: 80 minimum
  • SAT: 500 score (combined English and writing); 600+ in the Math section (except for Engineering and Pharmacy degrees which require 650+)

Guaranteed progression to On Campus Plus partner universities

Another guaranteed pathway on successful completion of Rutgers Prep is our On Campus Plus program.

  • Rider University (New Jersey)
  • Concordia College (New York)
  • Pine Manor College (Boston)
  • Marymount California University (Los Angeles)

After year 1 (or 2), personalized university guidance helps students transfer to complete their degree. 71% of recent transfer offers have been from Top 100 universities.