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High School Pathways
Extracurricular life

A Rutgers Prep education is focused on developing the whole person. The broader the interests of a student, the more likely they are to impress university admissions staff. That is why at Rutgers Prep, every student is encouraged to develop interests and learning outside the main lesson program.


At Rutgers Prep, students have the opportunity to join more than 30 different teams in a variety of competitive individual and team sports. The School recognizes and celebrates the strong link that exists between high academic achievement and participation in athletics. More than 80% of students compete as a member of at least one team.

High quality athletics program

Rutgers Prep is justifiably proud of its athletic program. With passionate, professional coaches, and knowledgeable sports performance and athletic training staff, Rutgers Prep encourages students to participate in interscholastic sports from Middle School through Upper School to provide a well-rounded experience that fosters a lifetime of healthy living.

Rutgers Prep athletes learn technical skills, the importance of hard work, to work together towards a common goal, to make quick decisions under pressure, and accountability.

Rutgers Preparatory School is a member of the NJSIAA, NJISAA, the Skyland Conference and the Somerset County Interscholastic Athletic Association.

Sports available

  • Athletics
  • Baseball
  • Basketball*
  • Cross country
  • Golf
  • Lacrosse*
  • Soccer*
  • Softball
  • Swimming
  • Tennis*
  • Volleyball
  • Wrestling

* Separate teams for boys and girls


The Rutgers Preparatory School Music Department is dedicated to giving each student a complete musical experience. To achieve this goal, students are encouraged to take part in the Independent Music Instructor Program, a private music instruction program that matches students with dedicated professionals from the Tri-State area.

Independent study

Independent study is available for particularly motivated students who want to pursue a subject area that is not offered in the formal curriculum. Working with faculty mentors, students develop and research subjects of intense interest for academic credit. Recent Independent Study topics have included: Playwrighting, Organic Chemistry, History and Literature of Ancient Ireland, Restoration and Reconciliation Ecology, and Using Web 2.0 to Aid Schools in Developing Nations.

Community service

Community service is an important part of life and values at Rutgers Prep. All students are required to perform a minimum of 10 hours Community Service per academic year in order to move onto the next grade or to graduate. Of this, 5 hours must be with projects outside the School within the local community.

The School also recognizes Honors Level in Community Service for those students who complete 50 or more hours per academic year.

Students can exercise leadership in this area through the Community Service Board, which organizes events, publicizes opportunities, and encourages service in general.