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High School Pathways
American College Bridge Program

Key information

Start dates:
Course length:
One academic year
Class size range:
Maximum 15

Entry requirements

Completed 11 years of High School in good standing. GPA: 3.0
Students below this level can first take the High School Preparation Program.

Age range: 16 - 18

Other requirements: Personal Statement, Skype interview and, 2 Letters of Recommendation (1 from a Math teacher, 1 from an English or History teacher). Successful applicants will have above average emotional intelligence, outstanding leadership potential, the ability to work well on teams, and a strong drive to succeed both inside and out of a classroom.

TOEFL iBT score and required terms before entry on to the American College Bridge Program

TOEFL score and number of terms of HSPP

The program

Since 1766, Rutgers Preparatory School has been preparing students for the challenges of college and beyond. The School's year-long American College Bridge Program serves as a bridge between high school in a student's home country and college in the United States. The program provides students with solid preparation at a top independent school, while giving them the time to develop stronger language, research, and study skills in preparation for the rigors of college in the United States.

Learning outcomes

Students learn subject-area content, improve test scores, and develop the skills they will need to succeed in college. With individual attention, students develop the learning and communication skills needed to acclimate to a new culture and educational environment.

Program content

English language development

  • Development of analytical, oral, and written English language skills through oral presentations, research, group work and other special projects.
  • Immersion in high school and college level English language material with lessons tailored to focus on strengthening both oral and written communication skills.
  • English literature: short stories, novels, non-fiction, plays and poetry.
  • Improving writing skills through journaling and essays, developing formal writing, research, and citation skills.


  • Studies combine online courses from elite institutions such as MIT and Stanford with hands on learning in the laboratory.
  • With teacher support, students work independently and complete lab reports.
  • Students will take high school level math appropriate for their ability.

Cultural immersion

  • Visits to museums, landmarks, and historic sites, such as the Empire State Building, the American Museum of Natural History, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Attendance at local sporting and cultural events.

Guaranteed Pathway to Rutgers University

Through the long-standing relationship between Rutgers Prep and Rutgers University, students on this Program will receive guaranteed acceptance from Rutgers University should they meet the following admissions criteria:

  • GPA 3.3
  • TOEFL iBT: 80 minimum
  • SAT: 500 score (combined English and writing); 600+ in the Math section (except for Engineering and Pharmacy degrees which require 650+)

Other Progression Options

1. Progression to Kings On Campus Plus

Students can transfer direct to one of Kings partner universities:

  • Rider University (New Jersey)
  • Concordia College (New York)
  • Pine Manor College (Boston)
  • Marymount California University (Los Angeles)

From there, after one or two years Kings progression advisors on campus will help students transfer to elite universities to complete their degree.

2. Other choice of Top 100 University

For a full list of recent acceptance of Rutgers Prep students by top US universities and colleges go to our From Rutgers Prep to University page.