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Kings at Rutgers Prep

Rutgers Prep is a private, coeducational, preparatory school,
located on a 41- acre campus in Somerset, New Jersey,
just one hour from New York City

The Kings Advantage

1. Excellence in Teaching and Learning

All Kings teachers are appropriately qualified to a high standard. Dynamic lessons involve interactive group work, and regular progress testing keeps students on track. Learning facilities include interactive white boards and supplementary online resources.

2. Specialized Support for International Students

Kings teachers and support staff are highly experienced in the specific needs of younger international students. We provide the ideal "soft-landing" for students getting used to a new learning environment and culture.

3. Based Right on Campus

The Kings International Study Center delivers the High School Preparation Program right on the campus of Rutgers Prep. So international students can prepare for their Rutgers Prep experience while feeling a strong sense of belonging to the main school from day one.

4. Flexible Program Options

A Kings Education® is always student-centred. This means that programs and study paths can be tailored to the individual needs of each student. Flexibility is built into the program with entry and exit points determined by age, level and ability.

5. Outstanding University Pathways

Kings offers smooth and integrated pathways not just to high school but beyond to success at an elite US university. We have a track record of enabling international students to gain admittance to nearly half the US top 100 universities — out of nearly 4,000 universities in the country.

6. Students from nearly 100 Countries

Students enrol with Kings from all over the world. In 2015, students from 95 countries studied with Kings. This means we are able to create dynamic international communities in which English is used as the common language, and no student feels like an outsider.