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High School Pathways
Profile of ISC students

If a student falls into one or more of the following categories, the International Study Centre (ISC) would be the recommended option before main School.

1. English language development

A student who is not yet at the English language level required for main School entry.

He or she therefore requires specialised English development from experts in EFL provision.

2. UK education system

A student who is academically able, but has had little or no experience of the UK education system.

He or she therefore requires a programme of carefully managed adjustment to a new way of learning, devised and taught by experts in the academic needs of international students.

3. Social and cultural soft landing

A student who is a younger or less confident, perhaps because this is their first time away from home.

Therefore he or she is in need of a “soft landing” into UK boarding school life via a carefully managed preparatory pastoral programme specially created for international students.

4. Flexible future plans

A student who wants to experience life at a UK boarding school but also wants to keep their options open and potentially progress to a school other than Downside.

He or she therefore requires the flexibility of a 1-3 term taster programme at the International Study Centre at Downside, without the commitment of progressing to the main School.